10 interesting comments on the Montie 3 pardon

interesting comments on the Montie 3 pardon
Interesting comments on the Montie 3 pardon

There have been several mixed reactions to the presidential pardon of montie 3 who were yesterday who were jailed for contempt by the Supreme court of Ghana.

Social media and airwaves have been flooded with conversations surrounding the infamous Montie 3 and here we bring you some of the interesting reactions to this development.

interesting comments on the Montie 3 pardon- Montie reaction
interesting comments on the Montie 3 pardon


Montie 3 pardonned???? Wow! This is the last straw that has broken the camel’s back! You definately must go!

— Taina (@TainaNabila) August 22, 2016
Good morning to everyone except John Mahama and Montie 3

— Puff. (@mr_fii) August 23, 2016
Saw this somewhere…
“Anyone who is disappointed can go serve the rest of their jail term” #montie3
????? hmmmmm

— Eugenia Tenkorang (@eugeniatenkoran) August 23, 2016
We forgot the Melcom Collapse
We forgot the Gitmo 3
We forgot GYEEDA n SADA
We forgot Dzifa Ativor
We forgot Floods
We will forget Montie 3

— Efo Dela (@Amegaxi) August 23, 2016
Mahama did exactly what I expected him to do. No surprises there. Now Ghanaians will talk for a few days and forget about Montie 3.

— Kow Essuman, Esq. (@kaessuman) August 22, 2016

Did you expect Montie 3 to be pardoned by the president this early?


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