Jerry John Rawlings speaks on his mother’s death

Rawlings mother
Rawlings mother

Former president, Jerry John Rawlings, has finally issued a statement concerning his mother’s death after news about her demise broke.

In a post on his official page, the Ex-President confirmed that his mother had indeed departed and that it is a huge loss to his family.

Again, he mentioned that any further arrangements regarding her burial will be communicated in due time while leaving a contact for family, friends, and well-wishers who wish to give their condolences.


Victoria Agbotui
Victoria Agbotui

Madam Victoria Agbotui, aged 101, passed in the early hours of Thursday, September 24, 2020.

The mother of J.J Rawlings’ name became known after her son rose to his long reign in office as President of the Republic.

Madam Victoria hailed from Dzelukope near Keta in the Volta Region and worked as the head of the catering department at the presidency during her son’s reign as President of Ghana.

However, Rawlings, a former military leader and Flight Lieutenant is the longest reigning leader in Ghana’s history staying in office for a total of 19 years.

In other news, Jerry John Rawlings recently explained how he was able to hold on to power for so long a time.

According to him, his integrity and abhorrence for deceit and corruption earned him admiration among his countrymen and was the main reason behind his stay in office for so long.