“You Are Even More Stupid And Dumb” – Journalist Blasts Lydia Forson Over Her “Stupid” Comment On Some Feminists Debate

Journalist Blasts Lydia Forson Over Her

Adom FM News Editor and member of acapella music group, Alabaster Box, Mr. Samuel Nii Narku Dowuona, has stepped on actress, Lydia Forson over a comment she made with her own ‘foul-mouth’ to some journalist.

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Mr. Dowuona was reacting to a Facebook live post made by the actress which she called some journalists involved in an ongoing debate on whether women who cook are slaves as “stupid”.

Lydia Forson

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Lydia’s verbal diatribes seem to have provoked the social media-friendly journalist, who believes the actress was speaking from two sides of her (foul)mouth, when in one account she utters her opinion and in another, scolds others for their opinions.

“What a twerp you are, using one corner of your foul mouth to tell us to allow these confused female species calling themselves feminist to express their opinion IN THE MEDIA FREELY, and then stupidly use the other corner of the same mouth to tell others they cannot express their opinion about an opinion that affects our socio-cultural fabric as a people?” he wrote.

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Mr. Dowuona continued to angrily refute the fact that Lydia wants to express her tiny opinion through a 17-minute video, and at the same time tries to thrash others views on the matter.

“So you are free to take a stance on the matter and suggest what you want. But only fools think they can make 17-minute highly-opinionated videos to rubbish other people’s opinions. What an irony”, he further observed.

Back to the old story, Lydia’s comments were expressly interesting, especially when she mentions among other things that “people should stop criticising the feminists for making such claims because of their vulnerability as they are entitled to their opinions” but finds it offensive when others do same.

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Lydia Forson’s comment came upon claims by some feminists on social media that men must learn how to cook before they get married, adding that women who cook for their husbands can be compared to slaves.

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However, those comments had drawn plenty reactions as many high-profile people in the society such as Rev Dr. Joyce Aryee and journalist Afia Pokua have all condemned the feminists of setting a confused agenda in their fight for women’s power.

Journalist Blasts Lydia Forson Over Her "Stupid" Comment On Some Feminists Debate

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Well, many Facebook users who also commented on Mr. Dowuona’s comments appear to have also fallen in love with his views.

Read his full comment below…….

Journalist Blasts Lydia Forson Over Her "Stupid" Comment On Some Media Debate

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