Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the controversial New Patriotic Party member of parliament for Assin Central has disclosed that he currently owns 128 houses in Ghana and he got them all after years of hustle.

According to Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, he used to sleep on a veranda growing up and it was a tough struggle but he has finally made it and everyone can also make it if they put their mind to it.

Speaking at a public event aimed to educate the youth on the essence of hard work, Kennedy Agyapong revealed that he is sharing his story to serve as motivation to the youth that irrespective of where you are coming from, you can still make it.

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The maverick MP stated that each and everyone can change his/her own destiny if he/she is committed to it as he has despite the rough start he had in life.

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“We need to share our experience. The reason why I say I have 128 houses is the fact that someone will not tell you he used to sleep in a veranda,” Kennedy Agyapong stated

Kennedy Agyapong further stated that some people might think he is bragging saying he has 128 houses alone but sharing his experience will motivate others to struggle for what they want with the belief that they too can make it

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“Someone will say I am bragging but I need to let you know the real story. I am sharing my life experience with you to encourage you. No matter where you were born, the family you were born in, if you are serious, you can change your destiny”, Hon Ken advised.

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Kennedy Agyaping also talked about how rich people treat their children and warned them of the dire consequences that come with it at the later stage in life.

According to Ken, such children suffer in life when their parents are no more or if their parents lose their business because they are over pampered and are not thought home sense.

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Hon. Kennedy Agyapong advised such parents to concentrate on teaching their children how to make it in life on their own and not shower them with too many goodies which will end up destroying their lives when their parents are no more.

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