Kofi Adomah’s wife calls to stop him from addressing their marital issues on Youtube

Kofi Adomah's first wife is now dumb and deaf - Lady alleges
Kofi Adomah's first wife is now dumb and deaf - Lady alleges

Kofi Adomah’s wife, Mrs Miracle Adomah has received praise from discerning Ghanaians after she called her husband on live TV to stop going deep into their marital issues.

After Kofi Adomah’s open confession on live radio of cheating on his wife and even having kids outside their marriage, he came under serious attacks from social media users for abusing his wife and taking advantage of her leniency.

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He was mercilessly insulted and criticized for posing as an innocent person on the internet but being the real devil incarnate behind closed doors.

Kofi Adomah who couldn’t swallow the bitter attacks decided to address the issue on his YouTube channel to set the records straight.

While in the middle of going deep into his marital woes, Kofi Adomah’s wife interrupted the YouTube live and begged him to end the session.

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As suggested by the considerate and smart wife, Kofi Adomah shouldn’t give an audience to the attacks on him because people will still believe what they want to believe.

She begged him never to openly discuss their marital issues again for the sake of their innocent children.

Mrs Adomah additionally encouraged her husband to leave matters into God’s hands because only him knows the truth behind the whole brouhaha.

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Kofi Adomah praises his wife; Confesses to having children with multiple women

Award-winning radio show host and YouTuber, Kofi Adomah has openly confessed to his wife and the whole world about having children with other women.

Speaking on Angel FM earlier this morning, the astute presenter eulogized his wife, Miracle Adomah for all the things she has done for him ever since he met her 19-years-ago.

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As openly disclosed by Kofi Adomah, his wife is aware that he has children with other women but she has never complained and has always shown him undiluted love.

Recounting the early years of his affair with his wife, Kofi Adomah narrated how his wife’s father who was a military man swore never to allow him to marry his daughter. READ MORE HERE