Kojo Frimpong Writes: Alexander Was Real; Jesus Was Not

Surviving biographies of Alexander were indeed written centuries after his death, based on contemporary material, which has indeed since been lost.

However mentions of Alexander and his conquests are dotted throughout contemporary sources, such as his occupation of Babylon, and his death in 323BC (was it?) were all recorded.


Believers claim Jesus has a timeline, and that Jesus was written about by multiple biblical and extra biblical sources, including those who didn’t view him favourably.

Believers claim places Jesus was born, tried at, healed people at, and died at are all historical and have been uncovered by archaeologists. This is palpable falsehoods!

Seriously, believers are beginning to sound like a broken record! Jesus of Nazareth! There was no town named Nazareth in 1AD, so that’s one down.


Several of the historical people whose are names dropped in the bible appear at the wrong time or at the wrong place. The Romans didn’t start nailing people to crosses until 40 years after Jezus supposedly died and there is absolutely zero credible archaeological evidence for his existence or any other event in the bible.

The only place where Jezus is a real person is in the bible, just like Clark Kent is only real in Superman comics.


I know people put these arguments on apologist websites as if they were valid/true. Those people are charlatans. There is a reason you simply have to believe what you do, because you can’t objectively verify any of it.

There is no such thing as reasonable faith, because as soon as you start looking at things closely, you find the story doesn’t add up anymore.

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I see Jesus as a dead Palestinian Jew who hung around twelve dudes traveling the desert in a giant “male bonding” orgy, who has no influence on my life whatsoever.

The miraculous events concerning his life were all fake, and any allusions to him being divine were either made up by the gospel writers or misinterpreted from what he actually said.

After all, he had the annoying habit of speaking in riddles and parables, and used literary devices that went over most people’s heads.

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I think he had a message for the peon class, but his delivery was too sophisticated for them, and much of what he said was completely lost.

When Jesus supposedly said that those who believe in him will do greater works than he did, he didn’t mean driving on water and healing amputees, he meant believing in him wouldn’t give you the ability to do sh-t.

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In my estimation, Alexander may not be great but was a real character, Jesus was neither great nor real.

I am an African, I write what I like…

The writer, Kojo Frimpong, is a Ghanaian by birth but domicile in Jamaica. He is an atheist,a writer and describes himself as a free thinker . He is popularly known as the “The African “. He holds a graduate certificate in psychology and writing from University of GhanaGhana


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