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Kumerica now regarded as a country?


The new social media craze ‘Kumerica’ which started off by some people from Kumasi, the capital city of Ashanti Region has now transcended across the country.

The new social media trend has since gone viral comprehensively. T-shirts and passports to this effect have been made to signify the seriousness attached to this trend.

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I can say for a fact, the this is the only trend in Ghana that has advanced from the social media state to become something real that others are also fast enumalting.

The ‘new’ country created on the Ghanaian social media landscape that is only regarded as a movement in Ghana here especially among residents of Kumasi has been taken seriously by some foreigners.

According to a viral video sighted on social media, the Kumerican Flag was added to the numerous flags of countries by an artist during an art exhibition show abroad.

In a way, this unknown foreign designer has considered the social media trend ‘Kumerica’ as a country hence drawing the flag alongside other flags of countries at the exhibition show.


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Kumerica now regraded as a country?

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The art exhibition went down at Frankfurt, a central German city on the river Main.

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