The SM family in mutiny? Kush Taylor apologizes to all the artistes he insulted because Of Shatta Wale- And Here’s his reason

Kush Taylor apologizes to all the artistes he insulted
Shatta Wale (left) - Kush Taylor (right)

Mutiny is an open rebellion against a ” constituted authority”.And that’s the right word I can use to describe this as there a serious open rebellion against the SM camp.

It started with from Ara B, to Deportee, and now Kush Taylor. Mind you , all these people were a staunch followers or should I say front-liners and proponent of the Shatta Movement family and their ideologies.

Not long ago Ara B came in with his accusations which later got him arrested:

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This time Kush Taylor ,who is the guy who insulted Criss Waddle in a video saying he was gay during the Bie Gya brouhaha.

In a recent post, Kush Taylor has apologised to all artistes he has insulted in one way or the other, saying he was brainwashed.

On his facebook page he wrote ;

“I want to use this opportunity to say a very big SORRY to all the artists I dissed or said shit about because of SM.. I was brainwashed and didn’t know what I was doing.. to the GodFather right here with me Samini,Iwan,Ras Kuuku,Criss Waddle etc.. I hope you all find a place in your hearts to forgive me especially Ras Kuuku who’s from my Hometown forgive me bro.. 1 Love”


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