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“MORNING RADIO TOUGH BUT EXCITING” – Kwame Tutu shares experience on his 3rd anniversary as the Frontline host on Rainbow Radio

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Yes, I must say one of the toughest jobs in the world today is taking on a job as a breakfast show host on radio. Each day, thousands or millions of people look up to you for education, information and sometimes even entertainment.

The kind of information you put out early in the morning can completely ruin or uplift the spirit of your listeners. If the individual gets demoralized it will affect his or her well being which will automatically affect his/her productivity etc. So I am always careful of what I say. I pray about it. Life and death the Bible says are on the tongue.

The challenge doesn’t only end there. The real challenge is understanding the myriads of socio-political topics one has to deal with every 24 hours and the many documents you have to read and understand to enable you to question professionals and politicians.

Kwame Tutu, Frontline host, Rainbow Radio

In an era where news and information are readily available, it then requires that you have to be on top of your game to deal with whatever issues that come up. Then there is the other thing of staying relevant in a game where we have many champions still playing. It’s been tough but per the ratings, I have beaten the odds to stay on top!

I have not had a good sleep in the past 3 years knowing the task is tough and the competition unending. Today many of the major headlines on the various popular news websites and Newspapers are culled from Frontline – my show!

My headache of hosting a breakfast show is how people unnecessarily tag me political simply because of a comment that might not have gone down well with one party follower or the other. I have been accused of being a member of almost all the political parties in Ghana…lol

Kwame Tutu at Atomic Junction Gas Explosion site to access damages in order to give accurate report on the issue

I believe I have brought extraordinary dexterity in the morning radio in the country with different segments, boldness in taking on politicians, the choice of songs, and the use of professionals/experts to discuss pertinent national matters.

Kwame Tutu
Frontline Host
Rainbow Radio


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