LADIES.. 4 Types Of Men You Should Never Marry

LADIES.. 4 Types Of Men You Should Never Marry
Types Of Men You Should Never Marry

As i keep saying when ever i talk about relationship, you can never get perfect person. its actually impossible. Some people will deny this on the basis that their partner is perfect and that there is nothing negative about him or her. But this notion is flawed. You see your partner as perfect because your for him/her have blinded you to those flaws. You just have settle with someone willing to make the effort to be perfect.

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Marriage is a life time commitment.My dear ladies be careful who you settle with. Don’t make excuses and say you didn’t realize when enough was enough. brings you four red flag attitude you should quickly exit the relationship when you see your man indulges in.

1) He gets violent, whether he hits you or not 

No healthy relationship can be build on violence and most importantly foundation of fear. He may not be beating you or touching you physically, but he may be emotionally draining you negatively. You may not see it as much of a problem now because you think you love him. But imagine living with this the rest of your life. An abusive man is an abusive man. Abusive people don’t change. Run for your life


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