Ladies Only: Five tricks that will win a man but will never keep him | Take note of #4

**Winning a man into a romantic relationship is one thing, but keeping him is the problem and one hell of a task and ladies know this only too well

** With men being visual beings in matters relationships, is s*xy dressing or good looks all it takes to win and keep a man?

** Would a man keep a woman who gets attracted to his money and probably fame? lets examine this

1. S3X
It is said that no matter how good a woman is in bed, a man will still dump her for the next woman who manages to steal his heart.

While this is not a reason not to give your all in bed, its good to note that it will take more than just good se.x to keep him in a romantic relationship.

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If a man wins you over with his money, be sure he will soon leave after achieving his aim. To all you ladies that target ready made men beware, he will leave the moment he realizes you were attracted to his money or fame.


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