Ladies…Are you a wife material or a side-chic?These 9 things separate both women|Take Not Of#7

Ladies…Are you a wife material or a side-chic?These 9 things separate both women|Take Not Of#7

Many women find it difficult understanding why a man will be in a relationship with a lady for a long time and leave her to marry another when he is ready to settle down.

I can assure you its no magic! There are qualities every man looks for before he commits eternally to a woman. Sadly few ladies posses those attributes.

But, attitude like any other skill can be learn at anytime. You just have to unlearn your attitude and relearn what will be more beneficial to you and him. take you through the qualities and attributes that differentiate a wife from a side-chic.

1. Beauty is attractive but inner beauty is endearing. A chic material is just chic in the sense that she could be se.xy, hot and beautiful.

But a wife material goes beyond that, besides her outer beauty she has an inner beauty that will make her man commit to her.

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2. Men also look for loyalty and respect, and this totally differentiates the wife material from the chic material.

3. A man might be unsure of a chic material, but he’s sure of the loyalty, trust and faithfulness of a wife material.


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