#LadiesOnly: 6 Healthy Ways You Should Shave Your Vagyna….PHOTOS

Shaving vagyna has become herculean task for most ladies. We know how much you worry about the burns, cuts and how to get it right.

The easiest and best way to get it done without any worries is asking your husband to shave down there for you. That is if you are married.

For those who are not married and those who feels shy to ask your man to help as well us those who are married to unromantic men who think helping a their wives to shave their vagyna is a taboo, Ghpage.com has a solution for you. Apply any of the methods below and you are good to go

1. Manicure Scissors

Small scissors specifically made for shaving your nether-regions are easy and safe. You wont have to worry about any burns or cuts.

And if the scissors don’t get the hair down low enough, you can always use the next tool.

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2. Classic Razor

The trusty razor has been around for DECADES, liberating women of their body hair since. Buy a razor with a replaceable head so you can switch it out each time you shave down there.

You don’t want any residue or dirt from your last shave getting anywhere near.


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