#LadiesOnly: 7 Ways To Remove [email protected] Odor Very Fast

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[email protected] ODOR – For a [email protected] to have  a slight odor is not abnormal, So don’t stress yourself about it. But it becomes a concern if the odor is strong and have an unpleasant smell or fishy smell.

Such strong odor mostly comes with some other symptoms like [email protected] discharge, burning, itching, etc. If in case there other has non of these symptoms, it may not be too serious yet, but it still needs to be attended to.

There are several common infections found in your vagina that could cause an unpleasant odor or smell, and you can try home remedies as well as professional products to get rid of the odor very fast.

The following techniques may help you naturally eliminate unusual [email protected] odors:

1. Practice good hygiene

Clean the outside of your [email protected] regularly with a washcloth and mild soap. Loofahs may cause small tears and expose the area to possible infection. Cleansing will wash away dead skin, sweat, and dirt.

Don’t use perfumed soaps or body washes. The scents and chemicals may upset your vagi.na’s natural pH. Bar soaps may be more gentle than body wash.

2. Use only exterior deodorizing products

If you want to use any sprays or perfumes, only use them on the outside of your [email protected] Don’t insert them. They can upset your natural chemistry and lead to bigger problems.

3. Change your underwear

If you normally wear satin, silk, or polyester panties, make the switch to 100 percent cotton. Cotton is breathable and does an excellent job wicking away sweat and fluids from your body. Excess moisture can upset your natural bacteria levels.



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