Legon: Residents of Mensah Sarbah clash with Commonwealth hall residents

University of Ghana commonwealth hall and Mensah Sarbah hall
University of Ghana

The University of Ghana is once again in the news after residents of two halls clashed in a fierce fight leading to the damage of some properties.

As it stands now the actual reason leading to the fight is not known but an unconfirmed report revealed that a resident of Mensah Sarbah Hall went to the commonwealth hall also known as the Vandals hall and was beaten by some vandals.

Feeling angry, he also rushed back to his hall and called for a backup who also stormed the Vandals hall.

This led to a huge fight between the two halls and resulted in some properties on campus getting destroyed.

In a series of videos available on social media, residents of the two halls were seen throwing stones and other stuff at each other.

A car on campus which was parked in front of Mensah Sarbah hall was also burnt by the angry students. is following up and would update readers on any new development.