I will change the Video If given the chance- Lord Paper talks about his family and more

Lord paper, an up and coming artist who is the talked of town has spoken on the music video for “ewurama” song which a lot of have described it as p*ornography movie.

The musician granted an interview with Abusua FM in Kumasi this afternoon and he talked about a lot of such as, how his parents reacted to the video, Nana Yaa, the girl in the video, his church etc.


Lord paper was born Michael Sakyi Frimpong at Mampong in Ashanti region of Ghana. He is 26 years old.He attends International Central Gospel Church headed by Dr Meansah Otabil. Taifa Branch. ” But I attend church service only on 31st December night, He said

Lord paper has been in the music industry for the past 10 years of his life in which he has released dozen Songs.


Lord paper told the host he is a rapper but decided to venture into the singing aspect of music. Thus, the release of Ewurama.

“A lot of ladies showed up for the video shoot,and frankly speaking almost all expressed desire to do the video” Lord paper said.

Asked why he settled on Nana Yaa, Lord paper said; she had the right body and besides the passion and energy she exhibited was massive. She went on to explain that he initially wanted to use his girlfriend for the video shoot but later settled on Nana Yaa.

Because  his girlfriend is out of the country and couldn’t Make it in time for the shoot.
Speaking on the video itself, Lord Paper insisted everything in the video was faked but made to look real.

“The only real thing in the video was the kiss” Lord paper said. ” you see the part it looks like I was fingering her,she had extra panty on,so there was no way my hand would have touched her “thing”. He went on to explain . This video proves how good my editorial team was.


Looking out how strict morality is upheld in Ghanaian communities, the host asked how his parents reacted to the whole video saga. ” my parents weren’t cool about it. My mum in particular cried when she saw the video” Lord paper said.

” But she understood when I explained to her nothing was real in the video and that it was all editing”. He said. My parents later gave me their blessing to go on and achieve my desire if that is the path I have chosen, Lord paper said.

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“My team and I analysed the content and such posted it in adult section on YouTube. We have no idea how it ended up on Facebook and Twitter. We had not anticipated it will receive so much criticisms. If am given the chance to re-shoot the video, I will change a lot of things in it”, Lord paper concluded on that.


Lord paper before ending the interview had a message for well established musicians and event organizers.

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” event organisers and established musicians should recognize and give underground artist a chance. If they do, we new artist won’t have to go to every length possible to gain fame” Lord paper said. He quickly insisted, he didn’t do the video for fame but was just enacting what the song said.

” Again I want all my fans,family and church members to know its all fake and make-believe” lord paper concluded

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  1. Mcheeeew!!! Lord Paper or Lord Pepper of Lord Grass or whatever you call yourself, next time, shoot your video completely naked for all I care. We are Africans with a culture not people with no identity. Bull!!!


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