Lydia Forson exposed after she referred to A-Plus as a clown

Lydia Forson exposed after she referred to A-Plus as a clown

It all started with Lydia writing an article on her blog which suggested that the NPP may lose the December 7 elections because most of its members were intolerant and over-confident.

In a Facebook live video, A-Plus dished out his own condemnation of Lydia, describing her as a phoney, whose only asset was the ability to write good English.

He erroneously interpreted Lydia’s remarks as a call on the NPP not to criticise the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), saying that the actress wanted to prevent the NPP from resisting what he called oppressor’s rule.

“You want them to be tolerant and happy? That is how you want the country to run? You don’t know what is happening; you can only write good English and talk plenty. You don’t want us to be angry with people who are spending our money, people who have taken our monies to go and plant trees and ended up saying they were burnt?,” he added.

He indicated that the party and its supporters will fight its ‘oppressors” to the core till the country is freed from what he describes as a failed economy. He promised to champion the cause for a fight against any opposing factor in the bid to change the country’s negative plight.

“I am coming to tell you to prepare for a battle, a battle that will determine your future, a battle that will put you in the history books of this country for being part of people who stood against corruption in this country…..we are going into a battle to write our names in a history book”.

Lydia Forson subsequently updated her Facebook status to read: “Entertain a clown and you will become part of the circus.”

This further pushed A-Plus to go lethal on her saying:

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SOURCEAmeyaw Debrah


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