Mahama Rejects Petition,they are to serve Jail term-NDC MP

According to NDC MP for La Dadekotopon, Nii Amasa Namoale, reliable information reaching him indicates that John Mahama has rejected the Montie 3 petition.

After the trio was convicted ,the ministers of the ruling government signed a petition for the removal of the trio from Prison .

Nii Amasa Namoale,MP, who was speaking on Badwam on Adomfm explained that, he is really disappointed in the media for some of the reportage on the montie 3 saga, because the 3 were convicted on charges of contempt and the media have failed to highlight that.

He continued that, the conviction of Salifu Mugaabe Maase,Godwin Ako Gunn, 39 and Alistair Tairo Nelson, 41, is a ‘murder of freedom of speech’.

He furthered that ,due to the fact that, as a country we fought to repeal the criminal libel law and therefore if people are jailed for their speech.

Ghana would need Jesus Christ to resurrect freedom of speech.

Nii Amasa Namoale said he has signed the petition and also supports any Minister who has signed .

He stated that ,it was his wish that the 3 could be pardoned, but he would have been the first to support the Attorney general’s office it was the one to press charges the trio.

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