Maid cooks her boss' food with her urine for months to get him to divorce his wife and marry her
Emelia, the maid who cooked with her urine

A maid who cooked her boss’ food with her urine in an attempt to get him to divorce his wife and settle with her has been busted right in the act.

The maid identified only as Emelia had been pouring her urine in her boss’ food with the belief that it will cause the boss to fall in love with her.

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Emelia explained that her mother told her if she pours her urine into her boss’s food for one year, the man will forget his wife and marry her.

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When questioned, Emelia simply said: “Mum told me he would marry me if I did that for one year”

Emelia, the maid who cooked with her urine

Already social media is buzzing with this shocking news ever since it came public. It also comes at a time when there is already a public fear what some women who cook for men do to the food before they serve.

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A few months ago, social media relationship counselor, shared s story of a woman who cooks her husband’s palm nut soup with her menstrual blood as punishment for making her abort her child.

At another time, he shared a story of a lady who cooked stew with her shit for her boyfriend when she found out he was set to marry another woman.

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