5 ways to make more money as a musician or an entertainer

How or ways to make more money as a musician or an entertainer

Making music started as a hobby , then times most people do music for fun.But nowadays or in our modern world today , you need to add the business to it to make a living. Today , some of the most richest people in the world include musicians ; talk of Jay Z,Beyonce, Sarkodie ,Shatta Wale and the rest. But to make a good living out of music , you need to know how to “showbiz” it. The show and the business. Ghpage have put together some ways to make more money as a musician or an entertainer.

  1. Get online and take advantage of the online marketing

You have  been doing this long enough,but still no results , time to change things up and take advantage of the online “gold of marketing” the internet serves. Of course , I believe , you remember the days of printing up flyers, posters, stickers, samples CD’s, or  anything at  you can think of to promote your music art or works.You can do that still anyway but you have to go out yourself and pass all that stuff out or better still add a new dimension of marketing. Perhaps if you are staying in a major markets areas  with trillions of people. It is time consuming, takes a  lot of money and of  you  only  get to a fraction of those  number of people. Nowadays and  with the help of the internet, you can reach millions and trillions  of people, at one place in a particular period of time — in just a few days, with almost no money at all. The days it take to successfully connect with a few hundred people can now be done in a few hours. Its a joint that no other marketer or entertainers and most importantly musicians cannot ignore if you really want to make money!

2.The shows , again the shows.!!!

Spread your shows out, or at least switch which side of town you perform or to the other side of town you does not per form on. This is the mistake most of the musicians or entertainers do.They only feel comfortable performing in the big cities. What are you doing about your fun base in the rural areas.? They also need you and that’s a place you can expand your income base. One trick in this is , you get the real natural love from them and most importantly win the love of the generations of the people who initially got in touch with . Sell your CD’s there too .It does a trick you can imagine.

3.CD’s is still alive ;it is not dead yet

Of course They are  not selling themselves like it use to sell. Agreed , we are in the times of onlines sales, iTunes  and co,  music fans choose what and who  they want to listen to. But if you follow the second point, Having CD’s to sell at shows is very important, in fact it should be mandatory if you want to make extra income.Imagine as a musician, having a stand at a show and announcing on stage where your fans can get it at the said event. Again, if you can get just 1/3 of your 100,000 fans who come to your shows to buy a CD  for lets say $4– just do the maths. You can also sell them at the at the CD’s sales point in the market  but there is  no better salesman than you on a stage showing the fans what they are getting home. Some just even want your artwork or the CD in their homes as evidential . Take advantage.

4. Get up and work–Get offline

A lot of entertainers just stay online and think that’s all. Marketing online is a great tool , but it is just a tool.Get offline , get to the fans down there.Personal contact count and does a lot.Not even internet marketing can replace that.Being on the street and touching base with them when organizing a show at times gives them more reason to come.I am not saying get on  the street to sell your CD’s but getting in touch with your fans creates an everlasting impression and they develop an undiluted love for you. Thats a good thing business wise.

5.Merchandize your business

Any serious artiste should have a website not just a facebook fan page. On your website you can point your fans to a store category to buy your customize T shirts , hats , CD’s , and so on and so forth. Use your name to sell a “customize something”


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