Man burns boy alive for spying on a woman in the bathroom

Man burns boy alive for spying on a woman in the bathroom

An 11-year-old boy was splashed with petrol and set on a flame by a stranger who accused him of spying on a naked woman.

According to a report from Joy News, the incident happened two years ago and was kept covered by the family and police. Whilst the offender roamed free in town albeit the pain he has caused a child by burning him alive.

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Man burns boy alive for spying on a woman in the bathroom
Burn Victim

The report narrates that Ayinbiha Abelinkiira, the victim, unlike his friends could not run away when accused of spying on a woman who was having her bath because he was holding the container of petrol they had been sent to buy.

The accuser who was just a bystander at the time of the event took the bottle of petrol and spilled it on him. Then subsequently set him ablaze as his punishment.

Speaking with the media, Ayinbiha Abelinkiira said, “The man had come there to drink Pito. So when the woman shouted that we had peeped in to see her nakedness, he came to me and asked if I was the one who did that. I told him I was not the one, but rather the other two children who were running away.”

However, with the above explanation from the poor boy, the man did not stop pouring the petrol and setting him on fire.

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Ayinbiha continued that he kept screaming until sightseers came to his rescue and confronted his attacker.

They insisted the man take him to the hospital for treatment and was promptly handed over to the police at the hospital.

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