Man gets dumped By lover after she discovered his ‘Porsche’ is fake


A woman from China has broken up with her boyfriend after it became clear to her that the man’s Porsche Cayenne which she knew cost around $220,000 was actually a Zotye SR9, a known imitation of the Porsche Cayenne brand which sells for around $18,000.

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The woman had met the man at a party and he offered to give her a lift. She then got attracted to the man due to how humble he appeared despite the fact that his car showed that he was wealthy.

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The pair agreed to date, and the woman fell in love with him more due to his modesty.

As characteristic of some women, she liked taking photos with the car and posting it on social media for friends to comment about.

It was one of the friends who tried to mock her by drawing her attention to the fact that she must be tickling herself and laughing.

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He told her “that car is not Porsche Cayenne!”, but a Zotye SR9 which does not qualify as a luxury car as the unnamed woman wanted her friends to believe.

She later discovered that the car only costs about 150,000 Yuan ($24,000), which is just a tenth of the price of an actual Porsche Cayenne which is about 1,5000,000 Yuan ($250,000) in China.

Devastated, the woman confronted her beloved with the truth via private messages sent through a local social media platform:

“How much did you buy the car? My friend is wondering if there is any discount for the car,” the lady reportedly said.

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The boyfriend explained that it’s the highest specs variant of Porsche Cayenne, which he claimed to have bought at 1.2 million yuan ($190,000).

But his words were only met with ridicule as his beloved girlfriend sent him a photo of the authentic Porsche Cayenne and asked him why the two cars looked very different.

“Oh, this is just the old model. The one I bought is a new model. Of course, they don’t look the same. Why are you troubled by this?” replied the boyfriend.

“Did you mean the new model of Zotye instead? Stop pretending. My friend had already told me the truth. Let’s us just break up,” she said.

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“Why are you acting so vain about it? Car is just a transport. Why do you always have to show off?” he responded.

“I show off?! You mother%&*#. It’s you that modified the car to make it look like Porsche! How dare you say I am the one who always shows off! You are a disgusting man. I must have been blind to have ever loved you,” the furious woman replied.

She later posted their conversation on Chinese social media platform called weibo, and it has gone viral.

It appears that the man had bought Zotye SR9, but later purchased Porsche Cayenne parts to modify it.

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