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Man reveals Pastor charges GHC 700 just to swim in his swimming pool for healing

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Religion no doubt has taken over the minds of some people in the world especially people from the African continent. It is believed that some of these modern-day pastors have brainwashed their followers too much that they dare not disobey them.

Social media is currently buzzing after a man dropped an expose on a Pastor who charges his church members GHC 700 just to have a swim in his ‘healing swimming pool’.

According to the series of tweets made by Twitter user Kelvin Odanz, the pool which is known as the ‘pool of bethsheba’, is believed to have healing powers, thus the fee attached to swimming in it.

Odanz also alleged that the man of God had not only cheated on his wife, he divorced her and married the mistress. Regardless of this scandal, the pastor still has a huge following.

Kelvin Odanz wrote: “There is this church in Abuja with a weird flex. The Pastor built a swimming pool in the church premises and called it “pool of bethsheba” or something. The pool has healing powers. Enter and your problems disappear. If you want to enter the pool, you have to pay 50K per swim”.

“For those who are too poor to pay 50K, there is a anointed bottle water sourced from the “pool of Bethsheba.” It goes for 10K. I am not sure it has as much healing power as paying 50K to submerge yourself in the pool itself. I mean, you cannot cheat God. It issa Pay as you go”.

He continued; “One certain Sundays, the Pastor does spiritual promo. That means he will let you bath in the pool, all expense paid by God. Even God Sabi do promo”.

“And of course God is blessing the members of the church who are already rich because they work hard. No shortcuts to heaven dear The Pastor of this Church is, or course, eccentric like the average Nigerian Pentecostal Pastor. Fire for fire Ministry.The man got another woman Pregnant while he was married. I think some fine ass South African woman.I mean, even Pastor like big bum bum.Cherish God’s creation”.

“After plenty scandal, he divorced his wife and settled down with his fine ass South African Queen with big bum bum. Of course the Church is still marching on, the gates of hell shall not prevail. People still troop in”.

“I mean, who can battle with the Lord? Not some sex scandal. I will like to mention the name of the Church and the Pastor but I don’t want the wrath of God to finally descend on me. I am a God-fearing man! But hey, anyone who tells you religion is not too 2 the biggest problem of Nigeria is deceiving you. Religion is our own Cancer!”

“Just a hint: The Church is located somewhere around Kubwa. I think after Kubwa or so. Religion loves Poverty. Yeah If Jack Thanos my account again, I will pay 50K, strip naked and enter that pool with his name in my mouth”.

“Btw, if you need Bethsheba water, I sell at a discount. A very nice Brother finally shared an image from the pool of Bethsheba. I kid you not, this is the pool. I think it is inside the Church gan gan. The most high God dwells in our midsts. You can check out YouTube for videos of his healing sessions. Or Facebook. Just as a snippet”.

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