Manasseh Azure Awuni vs Nana Kwame—The comments,reactions and how it all started

Who is Manasseh Azure Awuni

Manasseh Azure Awuni is a writer and journalist who works with Joy fm —a very opinionated one as such. Also a social media enthusiast who became very popular with his investigation on the former president John Mahama’s Ford sage.

As much as he write and shares his opinions on political,social and civil matters, he had stepped on many toes and along the line belittled those who disagreed with his opinions.”Mr I know it all” “Mr I am always right” are but some of the tags his critics call him.


Due to some of his attitude ,Seems a lot of Ghanaians have really ‘mean’ Manasseh Azure Awuni.

Manasseh in an ealier post on his facebook timeline had criticized African CEO’s for holding a conference in Geneva when it could equally have been held in any African city to boost the economy.

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Nana Kwame,one of his followers gave an epic response as a comment which has now gone viral.It was trending since yesterday.

Nana asked Manasseh why he held his wedding in Aburi and not his hometown of Bongo to boost the economy in his locality.

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