Meet The 10 Most Curious,Funny And Odd But Very Popular Pastors In Ghana

Meet The 10 Most Curious,Funny And Odd But Very Popular Pastors In Ghana

The African continent is relatively one of the last continents to experience the power of our Lord Jesus. Although there are conspiracy theorist who claims Jesus himself is an African!.

However true it is ,we leave it to the conspiracy theorist and the Theologians to battle it out. In fact that are not the focus of this article, is not even Jesus Christ himself.

Today we want to talk about some of the amazing pastors we have here. In the last decade or two, Ghana in particular has experience some of the most bizarre pastors in the history of the Gospel.

Some of their prophesies and miracles they claim they have and can perform can shake your Christian believe…lol brings to its cherish readers Meet The 10 Most Curious,Funny And Odd But Very Popular Pastors In Ghana

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1. Rev. Chris Asante a.k.a Abruku Abruka

This man was not well known in Ghana until his “Solution water” was launched in style at his church. Reverend Chris Asante who is popular known as  Abruku Abruka claims his solution water has the potential of solving every problem you face.

The solution water can even put money in your bank accounts of the that is what you desire. despite his bizarre and code teachings, he is very popular in Ghana

Abruku Abruka

2. Prophet Amponsah a.k.a Computer Man

If you thought being funny has nothing to do with being a man of God, then you have definitely not met the computer man..hehehe

Despite his ridiculous prophesies he is very popular in Ghana and has huge following.

Computer Man

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3. Pastor Boateng a.k.a Apae Live

Apae live needs no introduction in Ghana. i hope you have not forgotten when he made some lady get pregnant on live tv.

Pators Boateng is one of the pioneers of miracle business in Ghana. as curious and odd as he is, visit his church and you will be amazed the huge number of worshipers at his church

Apae Live


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