Meet The 31 year old Ghanaian who own the most expensive cars in Ghana|Check The Cars Out

Meet The 31 year old Ghanaian who own the most expensive cars in Ghana|Check The Cars Out
Ibra Washing one of His expensive cars

When talking about expensive cars, the names of Kennedy Agyapong, Mahama Ibrahim, Kenpong are and the likes are the ones we hear often.

But a young man by name Ibra has shattered that record. When i first heard of Ibra and his fleet of expensive car collections which he flaunts on twitter , i was amaze how someone who is barely known in Ghana could amass such wealth.

Don’t get me wrong, but mostly when you see such expensive cars on the roads of Ghana, it either belong to a entertainment celebrity, a business guru or a politician.

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But not in this case. The expensive cars which collectively cost millions of dollars belongs to Ibra, a 31 year old Ghanaina who resides in Dansoman,a suburb of Accra the capital city.

His cars, all sporting customized number plates, range from a G-Wagon (estimated cost of $140,000), a Bentley (estimated cost of $180,000) a Mercedes GTS (estimated cost of $130,000),

a Rolls-Royce Wraith (estimated cost of almost $300,000), a Mercedes SLC (estimated cost of $80,000), a Ferrari 458 Italia (estimated cost of $240,000) and an Audi R8 (estimated cost of $170,000) amongst others.

Besides the cars, Ibra occasionally post images of himself flying first class around the world.

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By all indication, Ibra  is a millionaire and Ghanaians had no idea. His occupation however is unknown but by all indications, hard work really pays.


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