I Killed Over 20 Ladies & 7 Pregnant Women,Swallowed Snake-Another Sakawa Man Makes Shocking Confession (AUDIO)

The sakawa saga continues and it seems to be the week of confessions from the sakawa guys.We reported just last two days about one Nana Wan who confessed to killing 114 babies, his two sister among others for rituals which at the end gave him wealth.

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The Sakawa story continues as another young man known as Mike Zigha is out telling the world how he was initiated into the evil world and some of the sacrifices he made.

He is now an evangelist and was on Hitz FM’s This Is Gospel (TIG) show hosted by Franky5. During the long chat, he made several shocking revelations.

Mike Zigha after telling the world how he was admitted into the evil society stated that he killed countless people through different means because the spirit kept changing how it needed the sacrifices.

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Talking about how he renewed his vows, he said, most ladies he slept with died days after their encounter.

He added that it got to a time he had to let his bodyguards go round picking pads, which had menses for his ritual. These innocent ladies whose menses were used he said died few days after the sacrifice.

That should let you know , not all that glitters is gold and that should be careful whom you hang out with if you are a lady and if you don’t know the source of the person’s wealth that much.

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He didn’t end there ,but continued to the point where he had to swallow snake. Mike Zigha old the host of the show that he was tasked to swallow snake. He also disclosed that he had to help some popular men of God to also join the evil world.

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Mr. Zigha continued that he decided to leave everything behind when he realised all his friends he started the evil act with were dying giving him a sign that his time was due.

Saying goodbye to the occult world was another horror for Mike Zigha.

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Listen to Evangelist Mike Zigha confessions;


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