Miracle Adomah allegedly cheated on her ex-husband, changed her name and agreed to marry Kofi Adomah


The new piece of information that has popped up amid Kofi Adomah and wife’s marital issues alleges that Miracle Adomah now the wife of Kofi Adomah cheated on her ex-husband.

Not only that she went to hiding and resurfaced again with a changed identity. This information as shared by faceless blogger Thosecalledcelebs on Instagram has caused a great stir.

According to new gossip, Kofi Adoma’s wife Miracle previously married a man named Yaw before leaving her marriage for Kofi Adomah. The reason for their breakup shall unfold with time.

The alleged report revealed Kofi wife’s real name to be Angela Ross, meaning her new name Miracle is a borrowed name to cut off traces that could expose her past. It seems her plan to look smart has been exposed.

Ghpage can’t confirm these allegations.