Money no be problem! But these 10 Ghanaians believe Sarkodie is the most stingiest person in the world & Here’s Why(Hilarious)

Michael Owusu Addo but popularly known as Sarkodie and of course the most decorated artiste in Ghana “swore” and made the world know how rich he is in his “Y’all already know” track.

Many will say, he was just being a braggart, but the lyrics in the song and how serious he sound in that track says otherwise.

Musicians sometimes as payback to their fans and the society, do charity works — Some pay school fees, hospital bills etc. However, some other musicians are hardly seen or heard doing such, seems to be stingy with their earnings and Sarkodie is seen as one.

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Here’s what happened, Sarkodie shared a picture of a kid who happened to have swallowed some caustic soda and needs urgent surgery which is approximately 15000 cedis.

Many of the twitter users thought Sarkodie would have taken the full payment but to the shock of some of his fans, or followers, he was rather begging people to help in saving the boy’s life by contributing money, to sum up the said amount.

Sarkodie is the richest musician in Ghana currently and it baffles a lot for him to be asking for help when he can pay the full amount without feeling a pinch on his skin.

His reaction to the boy’s condition is just a shock to many and that they seems can’t deny the fact that Sarkodie might just be the stingiest celebrity in Ghana.



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