Mother catches ‘gay’ son in action with another man

Video: Mother walks to a bedroom and catches 'gay' son in action with another man

It is very pathetic and undefinable how many people are engaging themselves in homosexual acts, homosexuals are in records day by day and it’s really getting out of hands.

A mother got the blow of her life when she caught her son red-handed engaging in a homosexual act with another man.

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Mother catches 'gay' son in action with another man

The mother earlier suspected her son was in a homosexual act and placed a hidden camera in his room to monitor what he has been doing with his male friends.

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Mother catches 'gay' son in action with another man

Well, as soon as her son brought a male friend in his room, she monitored them for a while then burst into the room, Lo and behold, she saw her son in action.

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Watch the video below…

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  1. So why is the camera moving? Didn’t the men notice the camera man before they started kissing? This story appears utterly fabricated to me. Is this what Justice Boakye considers “journalism”? I got my college degree in journalism, and I would have been embarrassed to write such tripe. What’s truly “pathetic” is Boakye’s antipathy toward G*y people in this day and age. He needs to get over himself.


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