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NAM1 publishes a letter to confirm he is the real owner of the Private Jet

NAM1 hits back at critics - Publishes a letter to confirm he is the rightful owner of the Private Jet

NAM1 publishes a letter to confirm he is the real owner of the Private Jet

The cohorts of Nana Appiah Mensah who have been defending NAM1 since the Menzgold- SEC brouhaha started have just released a letter addressed to Mr. Nana (Supposing to be NAM1) when he took custody of the private jet he launched in 2016.

In the letter signed by one Travis Tinsey, the Regional Manager of Africair, Inc which purchases the Gulfstream IVSP with the manufacturer serial number 1458 for Mr. Nana, it congratulated Mr. Nana the new ower and expressed pleasure in coordinating the transaction.

Nana Appiah Mensah relaxing in his private jet

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The letter further stated T.I.A Holdings is the new owner of the private jet. and further documents have been attached to the letter.


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There have been several reports since Securities and Exchange Commission ‘pounced’ on the Nana Appiah Mensah owned Menzgold that NAM1 does not own the private jet that he wants everyone to believe he does.

According to the reports, he rented the private jet from a company in Delaware, USA and he is absolutely not the owner of the jet.

Nana Appiah Mensah’s Private Jet

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Afia Schwarzenegger recently blasted NAM1 and stated boldly that he rented the Private Jet to flex and to boost investors confidence.

Already, people are tearing into the letter describing it as fake for several reasons. For starters, people are asking why: address Nana Appiah Mensah as Mr. Nana when Nana is just a common title in Ghana that could be referred to anyone at all?

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Secondly, Graphic designers who have seen the letter have described it as a fake letter and frankly a “work of an amateur”.


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