Guys Beware!- If you sleep with these 5 types of ladies, you get in trouble!

Never sleep with of these 5 types of ladies

There is a saying which Daddy Lumba and even Kwaw Kesse use to compose a song “orey3wo a , wose mmaa p3 wo”,It literally means that, “if your family is bewitching you , there you say girls love you.”Make sure you never sleep with of these types of ladies.

As a guy,You meet a girl, and she is willing to sleep with you.A lot of guys will not resist that chance.And there are a lot who will have a lot of reasons not to do it.All cool.

Well, guys, these are the 5 types of women you better avoid having sex with. And these are the reason why!

If you meet these five types of girls, do not sleep with them:

1. A busy girl


She is never single. There is no time between the guys she has. She breaks up with one and the next day gets another.

Here is what a psychologist says about such people:

“Those who are always in relationships have no sense of who they are as an individual. They easily become co-dependent.”

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