“This is why Nigerian Men always take your Women”: Gayton McKenzie

“This is why Nigerian Men always take your Women”: Gayton McKenzie advices

Patriotic Alliance leader and businessman Gayton McKenzie has taken time out of his busy schedule to advise South African men on women and making money.

Don’t go out looking for a lady who has a Prada bag while you have an Edgars account, advises Gayton McKenzie.

While promoting his soon-to-be released book Hustlers Bible 2, McKenzie urged SA men to stop blaming women for going for Nigerian men. In fact, he says they must watch and learn from them as they are “the kings of Africa”.

“South African men should forget about the scare tactic of lying about drugs regarding Nigerians, our ladies discovered it’s a blanket lie.”

Nigerian men know how to treat women; spending money on them instead of writing poems, according to him.

“Nigerian ni**as ain’t got time for poems, they give your girl cash and a good time. Poems don’t buy louboutins,” he said.

He does, however, say flowers are a good gift for your lady, only that without a bag or shoes, they will only work for a short space of time.

“A relationship cannot last without gifts, this is not the Stone Age.”

When men fail to impress their women, they always opt for calling them names, saying they are not loyal, he says.

“You want a girl that has a Prada bag but you have an Edgars account, don’t go look for trouble homie.

“Broke ni**as ain’t got no right to say ‘girls are not loyal’. loyalty to poverty you mean.”

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And to the ladies:

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