Nigerians insult and are very angry at Mr. Eazi & Juliet Ibrahim and here is their crime

Nigerians insult and are very angry at Mr. Eazi & Juliet Ibrahim

Mr. Eazi is a Nigerian but lived most of his life in Ghana.And he made some submissions about how Ghanaian music has a lot of influence on Nigerian music on twitter and Nigerians are on his neck for that particular statement.

This is what Mr Eazi wrote;

On the other hand,award-winning actress, Juliet Ibrahim have also incurred the wrath of Nigerians after Mr. Eazi tweeted that Ghanaian music has loads of influences on present day Nigerian songs.

The e Azonto inspired, Alkaida inspired, hi-life inspired and more.

This is what Juilet also tweeted;

However,what they said didn’t go down well with the Nigerians at all as they took to their various Twitter handles to insult both of them-Left,right,center.

Now their (Nigerians) reaction

1. This one is hilarious ;

2.A heavy punch here

3.Just read this one

4.Sacking him from his own country ?

5.Just Look at this

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6.And this one decides to go it the other way round.

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