Old video of Samini criticizing celebrities who endorse political parties drops

Samini Dagaati
Samini Dagaati

An old video of Dancehall artiste, Samini, criticizing entertainers who endorse political parties clearly shows his sudden change of perspective.

Trending in the news was Samini’s Kpoyaka song which endorsed Nana Addo and the NPP party for a second term in office come December 7.

Earlier, Samini in a tweet claimed that he was in support of any leader that had the needs of the less privileged at heart.

Sharing a silhouette of Nana Addo with school kids in the middle as a reference to Nana’s Free SHS initiative, Samini asked his followers to vote Nana back into office because he is a leader with a great vision.

His tweet read, ” These are challenging times for the world. My voice, my vote will support Leadership that has empathy and serves to create a hopeful future for the next generation #Kpoyaka.”


Samini tweet
Samini tweet

In his song, Kpoyaka, Samini spreads the message of how the current government under Nana Addo’s leadership has taken visionary steps towards ensuring a greater tomorrow.

Meanwhile, to prove that the internet never forgets, blogger and content creator Kwadwo Sheldon has dug out from the archives of the internet an old video of Samini speaking against entertainers involving themselves in politics.

Samini is heard in the video saying that in his opinion, as an influencer it was unhealthy to do that because he represents the masses.

He seemed uninterested in taking political sides because it has the tendency of causing a divide between fans and followers.

It is therefore upsetting that in an interesting turn of events he has taken to endorsing the NPP.

This has gotten fans insinuating that indeed the NPP had handsomely greased his palm to support them just as has happened with some celebrities in the past.