Olivia Malachy Lost a Hand, but always shows her courage and Can-Do Spirit

Life can sometimes take you back when the unfortunate happens. Some shortcomings seem to deter us from living the life a normal would live.

But there’s a saying that “when life gives you a lemon, you make a lemonade out of it”.

Meet Olivia Malachy whose left arm was amputated due to a gory motor accident she had on 6 May 2016 inside Owerri, Eastern Nigeria.

She lost her job as a make-up artist after she spent five months at the hospital.

If there’s anyone to encourage you to live on then it should be Olivia as she has really made lemonade out of the lemon the unfortunate accident gave her.

Though her amputated arm has put a ‘but’ in her physical appearance, she has failed to allow this hamper her happiness in life which is a clear indication of a ‘warrior’ who doesn’t believe in giving up.

She constantly shares videos of herself washing, dancing, in fact, she does everything on her own.

In a public hearing of her testimony, she said she wouldn’t like to be regarded as a disabled person despite having one arm recounting the agony she passed through when she had an accident that damaged her arm.

“The maggots coming out of my injured arm were enough to fill a cup of rice,” she told a large audience.

Watch her inspiring videos below…

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