9 People on Social Media we all hate

People on Social Media we all hate

Social has come to stay.Facebook ,Twitter , instagram and the likes have become part of us.To some there is no day , they don’t come on social media,impossible–In fact their lives will be incomplete that day.

However, there are various and of course , numerous reasons why people come on social media or are on those several platforms. For business, just for friendship,to meet up with old students and of course to catch up with all the trending issues going on are some of the reasons why some people are on Social media.

People however take advantage of these assemblage of people on this platform to fake,educate, and do other things people find annoying.Either good or bad –someone will find something to talk about it.Lets see read;

1. The Fakers

These people are excellent at making it look like their lives are perfect than the rest of us. Their pictures look great, they only post about good times etc.. Get to know them and you’ll realize that everything they’ve been posting was fake.

2. The Over Sharers

These people are on every type of social media, from Viber to BBM to Whatsapp, you name it, they share everything about their daily lives and too much information we never asked for.

3. The “Haters” Post

So these group actually think the whole world hates them, every one of their posts talk about haters and people who do not like them.

4. The Social Media “Too Knowing”

This group are the Einstein of social media, they have all the answers period, make one mistake and they’ll come and correct you.

5. The Preacher

These people will tweet Bible verses 24/7 like there’s nothing else to talk about.

6. The “Type Amen” People

This is usually the men of God and gospel musicians, they’ll post something and say “type amen” and it shall be yours, if only it was that easy. Herty Borngreat the usual culprit.

7. The Relationship Expert

These are the types of people who have a solution to all your relationship problems meanwhile, they are even still searching for a partner.

8. The Tag Team

These people are the most annoying, they’ll tag you everything, even things that have nothing to do with you.

9. The Political Campaigners

These people complain about one thing only, political parties, leaders and government. For some reason, everything leaders in the country do annoys them and will rant for days.

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