PHOTOS: 5 Popular Nigerians That Came Out Publicly To Disclosed They Are Gayy ~ #4 Is A Pastor

PHOTOS: 5 Popular Nigerians That Came Out Publicly To Disclosed They Are Gayy ~ #4 Is A Pastor
Popular Nigerian Gayys

POPULAR NIGERIANS WHO HAVE COME OUT AS GAYY – Unlike other continents where Homos*xuality has been accepted and legalized, homos*xuality is something that is frowned upon in Africa.

Even countries like South Africa which has legalized the act, the nation is gets sharply divided whenever the topic comes up. In short, is a taboo in almost every African country and Nigeria stand tall in being against Gayy act

The level at which most Nigerians have been forced to live in a closet due to the number of homophobic people in Nigeria can give you the picture on ow gayy is seen in the county. It therefore came as a surprise when these 5 celebrities came out to disclosed they are gayy. Although most of them have fled the nation for fear of their lives.

Courtesy of, these are the 5 most popular Nigerians who came out as gayy.

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Bisi Alimi is a popular public speaker in Nigeria who came out on live TV show to disclose he is gayy. While appearing on Funmi Iyanda’s show, ‘New Dawn With Funmi’, Bisi disclosed her s*xual orientation.

He presently lives in the UK after fleeing the country due to death threats for announcing his sexuality. He is presently in a relationship with a white man and they got engaged last year. He is now a gay activist and a blog writer.



Kenny was once married to a woman for 6 years untill he ccame out to disclese his s*xual orientation in 2015. Kenny Badmus is the brand expert and founder of Orange Academy.

For fear of being lynch, Kenny is presently living in the US. He has also disclosed he has been living with HIV for the past 17 years.


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Chika is a young Nigerian who now lives in Germany. He married His boyfriend Mark Schwartz in Nigeria an they both moved to Germany for fear of their lives.

He became popular around the wold and gayy circle when he disclose he is was pregnant with his husband Mark. He also made claims that Mark puts key on his p*nis. their marriage however didn’t last as they divorced two years into the marriage



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