Photos – Fella Makafui reveals how she got her heavy as$ and wide hips

Fella Makafui reveals how she got her heavy as$ and wide hips

Very popular in the youthful Yolo series as Serwaa but known in private life as Fella Makafui. She is acting as a villager as her role in the series but has become very popular among the viewers.

She gave a chance to her followers on the photo-laden website, instagram to ask her questions.A curious fan who thought she artificially acquired those “assets” and that it doesn’t look natural queried.

It was not only that fan but some people thought it wasn’t natural, but answering the doubting “thomases” the yolo star said ,she got those curves from her mum.

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The budding actress continued, people should quest to see her mum as her backside can’t be compared to that of the woman who gave birth to her.Simply put, her mother is well-endowed.

“Very natural. I think I got it from my mum because she’s endowed as well.”

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10 stunning Photos Of Fella Makafui
10 stunning Photos Of Fella Makafui

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