Photos: Meet The Rich Guy Who Is Allegedly ‘Hitting’ Joselyn Dumas In Bed

Joselyn Dumas shape and curves are really fantasized by men.Not admired by Ghanaian men alone but across the globe. A lot of celebrities including John Dumelo, Don Jazzy have all chosen her as their ideal woman.That shows that her shape is not exaggerated and how a lot of men will love to be in her bed.

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She recently came out to speak about her relationship. She declared, she is more comfortable with “friends with benefits relationships”.READ more on that story here: Dumas explains why she is still unmarried;What she said will shock you

This time, there seems to be one rich kid who is chopping her down and we will give you the right detailing.Interestingly, Joselyn Dumas and the other Ghanaian Celebrities seem to find it uncomfortable of their relationships such that they never want the public to know who the man is.

We know when it comes to majority of these women, they are mostly enjoying the expensive lifestyle they showcase with people’s husbands and boyfriends and therefore third world war would break out if they dare post an instagram picture of who’s rocking their boat.

But surely, there are some single guys in the picture—how these guys manage to convince these women to keep even their shadows a secret is something we cannot figure out.

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Anyway, after John Dumelo and Joselyn Dumas’ infamous chopping down which was said to have left Joselyn Dumas devastated when play-boy allegedly moved on to the next woman, Joselyn Dumas settled with this rich kid-Joey Gucci, founder/CEO of Silhouette Advertising, a company that recently partnered with Ghana Movie Awards.

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