Pokello fights Elikem in court over divorce just 3 years after marriage

After paying $20k bride price, Elikem has filed for divorce but Pokello says no to the divorce

Pokello fights Elikem in court over divorce just 3 years after marriage
Elikem Kumordzi and Pokello Nare

When Ghpage.com broke the news about the failed marriage between Elikem Kumordzi and her Zimbabwe wife, Pokello in 2017, Elikem in full attack came to deny and accused the media of attempting to destroy his marriage. But it has turned out that it was the truth all along. Their marriage has hit the rocks for over a year.

Elikem who confessed that he paid $20,000 as a bride price for his wife, Pokello in Zimbabwe is in court seeking a divorce from her. Elikem met Pokello at the Big Brother TV reality show in 2013 and they dated for a while until they married in 2015. The marriage has since produced a son.

Elikem, wife Pokello and son

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From what Ghpage.com has gathered, Elikem cited several reasons to the court as to why he is seeking the divorce. One major issue raised by Elikem is that his wife Pokello gets jealous whenever he plays romantic roles in movies as an actor and a such she is harming his professional career despite the fact that Pokello is also an actress.

The 29-year-old Elikem Kumordzi also stated in his petition that he has lost love and affection for his 32-year-old wife, Pokello and the marriage entirely and it’s beyond repairable. There is no hope for reconciliation.

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“…such is regarded by Kumordzie to be incompatible with the continuation of a normal marriage relationship. As a result, Kumordzie has lost love and affection to the extent that there are no prospects for reconciliation due to irretrievable differences between the parties”, the divorce petition states


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Through his Harare lawyer, Elikem stated that he wants a divorce and will give the wife, Pokello custody of their son. He will also pay child support of $500 each month.

Elikem the Tailor declared in his petition that they have not stayed together since September 2017. That makes it exactly one year now.

Elikem finally breaks silence on his divorce rumors - He has this to say about Pokello
Elikem and wife, Pokello

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Interestingly, Pokello is fighting the divorce. According to the reports gathered by Ghpage.com, Pokello says no she won’t accept the divorce of the marriage which is just 3 years old.

What is unclear is what Pokello really wants which will unravel soon as the case begins. We don’t know whether she wants more from Elikem or she does not want the divorce entirely.

Elikem and wife, Pokello

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After Elikem got married to Pokello in Zimbabwe, he boldly confirmed that he has paid a huge money to marry Pokello and he knows he has made the right choice because only a silly person will waste such money if he is not sure she is the right person.

Speaking to Peace FM, Elikem said:

“I paid a lot of money and before you pay such money for a lady’s hand in marriage you have to be sure she’s the one. Otherwise, you will be a silly young man throwing a lot of money away. So it feels good to be married to the right woman. It feels amazing. No mistakes or regrets whatsoever”.

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Elikem Kumordzie

Even when Pokello’s sex taped leaked somewhere in 2015, Elikem stood by her side and loved her through it. It quite unfortunate how things have turned out 3 years later.

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