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Police arrest group of friends who flouted lockdown orders to have a debauchery


As a consequence of the lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak across several countries in the world, there have been lots of happening by some individuals to make their lockdown a happy one. Some go the extra mile.

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The Thailand police have stormed a party of friends that was organized for s.exual fantasies amidst Coronavirus lockdown.

In a report available to us, earlier this week, officers were alerted by angry neighbors after the group partied non-stop for 48 hours at a luxe bungalow in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

When officers raided the bungalow, they reportedly found 19 half-naked young men and women seated next to a swimming pool. Three others were found playing naked on a bed in a nearby room, indicated by reports from Thailand.

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Officers upon reaching the bungalow searched the property and they found multiple bottles of booze, boxes of condoms, methamphetamine, ketamine, marijuana and seized a bag stuffed with more than £5,000 in cash.

Ten men and 12 women were taken into custody for questioning.