Politics In Ghana; government of the politicians, by the politicians and for the politicians

Democracy is characterized by a form of political collectivism, thus government of the people, by the people and for the people, but this cliché has metamorphosed into government of the politicians, by the politicians and for the politicians.

I am apolitical, and I have huge disdain for Ghana’s brand of politics. It’s indecorous laced with intemperate expressions and indignities. Such vulgar exhibitionism!!
The richest in Ghana are politicians, it concretises the fact that; seek ye first the political kingdom, and all other goodies shall be added unto you.

Politics in Ghana is an opportunity for self enrichment and embellishments. When you ascend the political throne, its time to reap and recoup dividends from investments made towards the sustenance of your political party. Political parties are run like companies with “political shareholders” who contribute their shares in order to capture political power.

In fact, one’s contribution towards political activities is deterministic of the quantum of one’s dividends. When power is strangely captured, its looting time for “shareholders” who are rewarded with ministerial appointments and other strategic positions.

One is encouraged to loot with such rapidity, because political life is too short for their humongous cupidity. One of the sources of political corruption is to activate uncollected judgement debts. The next layer of corruption is to award political cronies with lucrative contracts, with bloated contract fees. Ghana is like a fat cow being milked dry!

Some political parties are putting up offices, but have the temerity to tell us they will not disclose their source of funding. What we see is unbridled dissipation of our scanty national purse.

Are we going to sit and watch our resources to be used for political re-election and entrenchment?

Hear this!! Political office is not a place for one’s personal aggrandisement, but rather to see to poverty alleviation, provision of basic amenities and the general well being of the suffering masses.

Leadership in Ghana has been a cancerous failure!!! No one is over moralising public office, but if this trend is not truncated, the future of our dear nation is being morgaged.

It’s election time again, and despite the magnitude of our economic problems, this nation is so politically polarised that we have lost our jingoistic ability of putting our hands on the national wheels to catapult the nation Ghana onto greater heights.

Arise Ghanaian youth..

I am an African, I write what I like…

The writer, Kojo Frimpong, is a Ghanaian by birth but domicile in Jamaica. He is an atheist,a writer and describes himself as a free thinker . He is popularly known as the “The African “. He holds a graduate certificate in psychology and writing from University of Ghana.


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