Top 10 most Popular Ghanaian Celebrities on Social Media-see who misses out

Most Popular Ghanaian Celebrities on social media

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Popular Ghanaian Celebrities  are celebrated all over the world . The Ghanaian entertainmnet industry is gaining grounds and moving up day by day.It has it won flaws or downs but the positives outweigh the negatives I must say. Now musicians are receiving a payment cut of about GHC 70,000 to 100,000 from the shows they play.Actors are also well paid if you catch a good niche for yourself. With the advent of social media , entertainers have gotten an easy platform to promote their brands and image to even make more money.

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Shatta Wale, Kafui Danku and the likes put their respective music and premiers on social media even before they go unto the tradituonal media to promote.At times they dont go there (radios and Tv) but it still go well for them.That tells you how powerful social media have become,so as a celebrity the more numbers you have on it–the better for you.And in today’s world and as an entertainer for that matter ,the following you have on the internet count a lot and if you play your cards well –the number of followers you have can translate into the cash you will get into your bank accounts. Well that is if you have a merchandize you sell or an endorsement you use your brand to promote.



In view of that ,I personally I logged into Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where numbers do the talking and bring the cash rolling to rank Ghana’s most followed celebrities on social media.A list of the 10 Most Followed Ghanaian celebrities on Social Media,that’s following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the numbers are  summed  up to arrive at this definitive list.


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