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9 Popular Ghanaians Who Have Been Rumored As Members Of The Illuminati (Photos)

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Frankly speaking, most times the Illuminati topic sounds more like a conspiracy theory to me. The fact that some people want us to believe there is a group of few people who sit and discuss the trends of the world as well us the leaders of the world not forgetting who becomes rich is somehow difficult for me to really grasp.

But I may be wrong deceived and “ignorant” as the theorists like to describe some of who do not believe such kinds of stuff. But even if they do exist, do you really believe with the corrupt mentality of African’s and our refuse to grow out of the middle age, will any African make the list? I doubt.

But some people firmly believe and it. And it’s their right to. Today presents you with  9 popular Ghanaians who have been tagged as members of the occult group Illuminati. Let’s Check Them Out


It’s no secret former President Kuffuor is a Lodge member. He was recently appointed Former President Kufuor Appointed Senior Grand Warden of UK Freemason Lodge.

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But one thing should be clear here. Freemason Lodge is different from the diabolical Illuminati that some people want us to believe exist. At least that is what I know

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John Agyekum Kuffour


Sarkodie is one of the most successful artists in the history of Ghana. He has his record labels which sign artist on to it. He has made so much name for himself both home and abroad for his prowess with the microphone.

When Sarkodie released the visuals to his hit song “Saa Okodie No Nie”, that was when the rumors started. Someone actually took his time to dissect the video and explained it into details what each sign in the video means in relation to the occult group, Illuminati.


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When Kofi Annan is tagged as an Illuminati member, it very much baffles me. The man by hard work and knowledge became the head of the United Nations. He has won Nobel Prize.

In fact, he is most likely the most successful Ghanaian yet. It’s obvious Most Ghanaians who are not accustomed to such success will label him a such

Legalize weed in honour of the late Kofi Annan - Advocates
Kofi Annan

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M.anifest despite criticisms is one the greatest rappers of m our time. You just have to vibe with him to enjoy his songs. And he has also been linked to the occult group too. And this was frankly not his doing. Some people choose to interpret his words to suit their own understanding.

A couple of years back, M.anifest the son of Tsatsu Tsikata the famous Lawyer and one of the authors of the 1992 constitution of Ghana, took to his Twitter handle to explained the meaning of M.anifest. He said it wrote “M.anifets – music. always needing illumination for every soul today” Some people took it he is an Illuminati because of the Illumination in the post. Not his fault right.



Ducan Williams was tagged with Illuminati by Ghanaians because of the massive transformation from an armed robber to one of the greatest pastors of our time. Despite this, he has a whole lot of controversies surrounding him.

He is the pastor who has most dignitaries and celebrities in Ghana as his congregants. And he is very rich by all standard

Duncan Williams face masks
Duncan Williams


Trigmatic, the rapper began to be tugged an Illuminati member with his “Bellum  Angelorum” song. It even escalated when he released visuals to the song. Everything in the song and video depicted Illuminati.

Everything about this song screamed  “Publicity stunt” “Publicity stunt” yet some people chose to believe him as a member.


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As for Yvonne Nelson, she simply got tagged because of her success at whatever she touches. She is one of the highly rated actresses in Africa and excellent movie producer.

She single-handedly organized the “Dumsor ” demonstration to put pressure on the government of Ghana to end erratic electricity rationing. And you know Ghana, when you become so successful, obviously we tend to attribute it to an occult source.


Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

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The richest footballer in Ghana, Asamoah Gyan has been tagged a member of Illuminati in Ghana. He is not just successful in his football career. He is also an excellent singer.

He did several songs with his closest friend Castro Underfire before his accident at the Oda Result Beach where he drowned.His body is yet to be recovered. He is successful and his success has aimed him a tag as a member of the occult group.

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan


Ebenezer is undoubtedly one of the most popular pastors in Ghana. Claim to heal all kinds of sickness and even raise the dead which some people in Ghana actually believe.

Just like his miracle colleague in Nigeria, T.B Joshua, he as also been tagged a member of the occult group by some Ghanaians.

Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom
Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom

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