Portable shares lovey-dovey moment with woman after The Headies bounce

Nigerian singer Portable is counting his blessings and naming them one by one following his disqualification from The Headies.

In a fresh video, the Zaazu’ hitmaker says despite the setback he remains grateful to God for all the things he has achieved.

He named his house, cars, kids, wife etc as blessings he would cherish and not trade for anything irrespective of the Headies bounce.

Why Portable has been disqualified from the Headies Awards explained

Portable, the Nigerian singer, has been disqualified from the annual Headies awards and this is why.

The singer took to social media a few days ago to claim affiliation with the infamous group ‘One Million Boys.’

Following the singer’s bad reputation, he was disqualified from the Headies after previously being nominated for numerous criminal activities.

Excerpt of the disqualification notice from Headies to Portable reads: