Shocking Photos and Whatsapp chats evidence of Prophet Bernard Allegedly Chopping Down His Female Members

Prophet Bernard Allegedly Chopping Down His Female Members
Prophet Bernard Allegedly Chopping Down His Female Members

Shocking Photos and Whatsapp chats evidence of Prophet Bernard Allegedly Chopping Down His Female Members-including her wife’s photos all in this story

Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor of Destiny Empowerment Chapel International, a supposed man of God to allegedly be sleeping with the female members of his church, just as he did with this particular woman and even got her pregnant three times which under his instructions and cost payments, all the pregnancies were aborted.

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From several Whatsapp chats (below) obtained by GhanaCelebrities.Com which some go as far back as 2014 between Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor and a woman (hereafter Madam A) who says she regrettable had a secret s*xual affair with the man of God, Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor can be said to be one hell of a horny man—and shockingly, we are told the victim is not the only one, he has and continues to chop down many of his “powerless” female members, claims Madam A

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The woman whose chats with Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor we’ve obtained is not only worried about how the man of God cunningly got into her panties and on the back of perhaps her weakness was able to get her pregnant 3 times which she had to terminate them all—she is also worried about the fact that Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor is doing the same to other innocent female church members, easily made possible because of the hovering trust they have for the prophet of God.

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Of course there’s a bit of bitterness here but at least, that has led the victim to freeing herself from the s*xual bondage of  Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor per what we’ve gathered.

We are told, it all got nasty and bitter between madam A and  Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor because the latter started sleeping with other new church members—a situation which meant that Madam A held no special place in his life and the charming sinful attention she was receiving with time disappeared.

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Following the lost of position to other female church members who were being chopped down by Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor, Madam A, though at first was hurt found the needed light in the deep darkness she was being camped in.

And today, she has decided to share with the world her ordeal and dirty conversation with Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor—to warn other women not to fall for what she absurdly dwelled in for many months.

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Madam A claims that besides the existing sense of holiness and the accompanying ‘powerful’ position a prophet reasonably occupies in the estimation of his church members, Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor is a handsome man—and that effectively comes to aid in luring the many women he has been chopping down at his church

Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor
Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor

Apparently, Madam A and Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor had countless s*x sessions—sometimes in his office or hotels right after church service.  And Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor has a lot of spare money to keep the women entertained—we are told.

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We reached out to Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor via his official facebook page for comments—and no response has come in yet.

We received a response from Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor who initially threatened that we will hear from his lawyers—he later went on to say; “Please I deny this asap. You can’t publish this. I believe you won’t do this to me if I was your pastor….wow!  This is shocking.  Anyways it is well Such is the life of the cross. Don’t publish it The image of Mog is not anything to joke with.”

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You know what, read the below Whatsapp chats between Madam A and allegedly Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor…


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