Lovely and 10 Amazing Photos of Yolo Star, Queenstar Anaafi (Emily’s biography)

Amazing Photos of Yolo Star, Queenstar Anaafi (Emily’s biography)

“Her Character in “Yolo” series is described as the “Dada Bee daughter” who is not that stubborn but very much in love with Cyril”

Queenstar Anaafi is her real name but known in “Yolo” as Emily.“Yolo” is an abbreviation of “You Only Live Once”.Yolo is a sequel of the ever famous Ghanaian TV series “Things We Do For Love” which caught the attention of many Ghanaians in early 2000.

Its continuation, “YoLo”, has also set the same records but this time, having younger casts than the previous one and also being more educative with its end of episode social questions.

Queenstar Anaafi before “YoLo” was into commercial modeling; TV and Billboard advert.

1. Looking Cool

Beauty by Yasmin

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