Read 10 things that make you happy without you knowing it (photos)

Things that make you happy without you knowing it

Everyone wants to be happy, nobody wish to be sad –but happiness is a difficult thing to measure as what makes you happy can or will make one sad,very discretionary.

However, we spend too much time and thought pursuing happiness, which has been found to actually decrease our overall happiness.

But there are a countless number of small, conscious things that make you happy with minimal effort. Here are our favorite picks:..It might make you laugh and say .. oh don’t forget to share.

  1. Climbing into bed when you have fresh bed spread sheets.This can make you over-joyous and you might not even realize it.  
Lady happily sleeping in freshly spread bedsheets (image credit: Supremaplus)


2.Playing a game you use to love when you were younger–Quite interesting yeah!!!

A group of Friends playing game (Image:

3.Achieving a small victory, like fixing the your small tape, a machine in your home  or replacing a light bulb.

Young lady fixing light bulb (Image:


4.Finding money in your pocket that you didn’t know you had, this have happened to me and you know how that feeling is …lol

There’s no joy that can be compared to finding money you never knew you had (image:


5. Having a nice, long stretch when you first wake up to get your body moving.

Lady waking up in the morning (Image: Gallerily)

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