Ever wondered why most Africans living in the west have European names as opposed to African names?

Just stop a random Black person in the Western hemisphere what is their last name and the response will be something like Jones, Smith or Johnson. The truth is, those are the last names you should expect caucasians to have, people of African descent should not have those names.

European last names were giving to Africans during slavery and it was a way to signify that the African was owned and who the owner was.

After slavery was abolished, Africans were no longer owned, yet they have kept their European names voluntarily. Not only have they kept their European names but they continue to pass these names on to their children and their children’s children.
What is so difficult about changing a name? How much effort does it take?

It does not take much effort at all. So either Blacks have been too lazy to change their names to signify that they are not any man’s property, or they are ashamed of their African names.

It is a known fact that Africans who came to the western hemisphere on slave ships came from West Africa, so why not replace these European last names with beautiful West African last names? Names like Diallo, Okafor, Afriyie, Ayitey etc.

When you hear a name with “Berg” or “berger” in it, we know chances are it belongs to a Jewish person, with the exception being Whoopi Goldberg. When you hear Chin, Chung, Chang; chances are you are talking about a Chinese. Likewise if you hear names like Ramakrishnan, Gupta and Rajkumar; you are talking about people from India, so why is it that Africans in the western hemisphere does not have names that reflect that they are from Africa?

Marcus Garvey said “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” but if Blacks are still running around with European names, are they really free? Some will argue that they are free not to change their names, but let’s get serious.

An European name on an African is a mental chain, so most Africans in the west are still mental slaves. How many European do you see running around with last names like Congo, Ndiaye and Fofana?

If you are Black and you hear someone say “Blacks are lazy”, before you get angry, check your last name and see if you fit the bill.

Stop being lazy Black people!

Regain your identity and dignity!!

Change your European last name to an Africa name!!!

I am an African, I write what I like…


The writer Kojo Frimpong,is a Ghanaian by birth but domicile in Jamaica . A psychology  graduate from University of Ghana,an atheist and likes to refer to himself as a free thinker.He is popularly known us the “African”.

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